~ Time To Meditate ~


Another year has come to a close
Time to stop and get composed
Look back upon the year just spent
To see how far along the path I went

It may have been of ups and downs
But with you, our love will still abound
As together we are more attached I see
It was a year of love for you and me

Sometimes it's rough as rough can be
But we deal with it just like a team
Nothing is too big to keep fighting over
We'd rather be close, warm under the covers

Times are great, like a well oiled machine
Together our love is sweet as a dream
So the year was a blessing, being with you
We both have come a long way, I know it is true

As one or apart, friends have been made
Through my love of art, and your looks and brains
Still my friends become yours, as either way
It's been a good year to remember, as we meditate

We enjoy a love of friends, so are never alone
The passions we shared the best, barring none
Has made it a year to remember, with time
Each one getting better, like fine wine


Gary Salter 2004

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