Tisket A Tasket

A tisket a tasket and where now shall you be
Li'l sweetie..when the clouds all come
To scud on by
And shadow o'er the sun

When the roses are all a-wilting
Dropping petals at my feet
Where then my li'l darling
Wherever shall we meet

Will I find you on the coldest day
When the sky fills up with rain
Or when the pretty rainbows
Go somewhere far away

Will you be across the bridge for me
When the stream has less to give
Will all our loving and our sweetness
Evermore exist

Oh, I shall never search for you so far
For all we are can never part
When in summer, winter, spring or fall
You're always in my heart

You are the shower of roses on my path

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006



midi...A Tisket A Tasket
c1938 w/m Ella Fitzgerald and Van Alexander
Sequenced by Ted Keener

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