~ Just To Be With You ~
First cup of coffee has been finished in bed
Springer is on but I didn't hear what was said.
Floating in slumber in each other's arms
Knowing together, nothing shall harm.
To play in the kitchen, planning daily chores
No need for any word, just a look at a door.
With a tickle or two, some being so erotic
Passions roam as we now have unlocked them.
To be with you makes life well worthwhile
Even to think of it, brings such a smile.
Such love that forever it is going to last
Why play with perfection is what I do ask.

Young ones wink trying to look so exotic
What I am looking for, only you have it.
I make the time just to be together
Trying to make every minute last forever.
To be with you is all that I pray for
Does not matter if it's in fun or daily chores.
There is always a tease of pleasures to be
Telling me how so very much you mean to me.
So I promise on all I believe and know
You're the only one I have room for in my soul.
Please Lord let me have the rest of my life
To be with this only one, my love, at my side.

Gary Salter 2006


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