~ Today I Wept  ~

This morning, as I sat here and contemplated God,
Amazed, I thought about how great His love.
Inside my heart, I felt a quietness that only comes from Him.
It was as if I felt His tenderness from above.

I felt a humbleness as I approached His throne of grace,
The Way provided to me by His own Son.
He walked the Way of death and Calvary to save my life.
Today I wept as I thought about the things He's done.

Because of me, Heaven's doors were opened,
To send to earth a Sacrifice so true.
He died in my place and He bore all the pain just for me.
Today I wept because He died for me and you.

How could He have been so quick to come and save me?
For I am nothing, compared to God's own Son.
I am as filthy rags and He gave up His heavenly riches,
To come to earth and sacrificed for us, each and every one.

Today I wept as I thought about seeing Him one day.
What can I say to the Son of God above?
But, I made the choice when I decided to follow Jesus.
He bore my burden and I accepted His gift of love.

Today I wept as I thought about my Savior.
I thank my God, for sending Him to me.
I don't deserve the love that was poured out at Calvary.
But, I am thankful for His blood that set me free.

Written by Karen Bunker
To my precious Jesus.
What Love!!
May 28, 2008

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