A wind of worry whisks over the winter scene,
Our economy is slowly disintegrating,
it's eating into our "dough "so green,
The dark shadows of depression
are seeping slowly into our souls,
We're worried about our future dreams,
and all of our life's goals,

The undulating Wall Street Stock,
of waves of up and down trends
Is an endless worry, where will all of this end?
We must never give up our Hope,
or Faith, or Trust in God at all,
God knows what is going on,
He'll take care of all our souls,

Our prayers are powerful
and we all must join in positive prayers,
God will help us as He is a God who cares,
We must pray sincerely, deeply, and also daily too,
Then our prayers will blend together
to God from all of us that's true.

Hold fast, don't lose Hope,
and keep your Faith in God,
We'll sail through this life's storm
with God as our staff and rod,
The dark days of worry will be lit
with the Light of His Radiance soon,
And after life's storm passes, there will still be God,
a blue sky, a golden sun, and a silvery moon.

by Anne R. C. Neale 2008