This image is from the inspiring vision
of Thomas Kinkade, "Painter of Light". To feel the true beauty of his art

~ Today, Tomorrow, Ever After ~

As this New Year swings wide it's portal
I pray God's light be manifest,
His love and hope and joy of life
To lift your every step.

And as you walk on through the door
May new fields call your heart,
Exploring spheres of usefulness
To bless all on your path.

May fear be conquered by His peace,
A peace, unshakable, nor taken
From this white book, to write with grace,
As each new day awakens.

May each clean leaf of life unfold
A page, all new and fresh,
Each thought and deed archived
Translate to you God's best.

Of opportunities untold, to share
Of His most perfect love,
From the first words penned this day
In all that must be done.

God bless you then, as chapters turn
With days of joy and heartfelt laughter,
I pray for you today, tomorrow
The Father's love, here, ever after.


Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems Dec 2009

"Another fresh new year begins
With special days to live,
Set free from anxious doubts and fears,
To laugh, to love, to give.

A wonderful new year has come
To rise each day with zest,
To daily walk within God's love
His child, so very blessed.


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