~ To Father, With Thanks ~

Father in heaven I thank you
You are so worthy of praise
You have been so faithful to me
So this my banner I raise

I want to tell you I love you
I want to share all you give
With those who are around me
In your righteous way let me live

To you who purchased salvation
For the whole family of man
This is one thing I desire to do
Always praise you the best I can

If I must walk many miles
To spread your gospel so true
So my fellowman will know
That is such a small thing to do

After all the bounty you've given
All of the love that you've shown
How can I but praise you
After all that you have done?

So I send this letter of love
To the wonderful Father on high
You gave me rebirth which I needed
Without it I surely would die

P.S. You loved me so much
When I was so low
You carried my burdens
You allowed me to grow

" SO I send this
FATHER with thanks"


Betty Hill 2005


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