~ Tomorrow Will Come ~

As night turns to dusk and stars light the sky
I know tomorrow comes, where my future will lie.
The air is so clear, my heart jumps a beat
What will it be now, as my eyes close in sleep

In the morning, new time shall arise
Can I stay happy with the days drifting by
There are feelings in me, I let go like the wind
What will I do, so my soul won't grow thin.

Tomorrow will come where ever I am
I have let the past go, so I do not cave-in.
Tears I cried as I remembered who I am
So much did I need, a warm caring friend
One who would know joy
And bring beauty once more
Someone to be there
When tomorrow comes through my door

I have a God who loves me just as I am
I hear angels praying with a heartfelt soul
The love of the gift of life, I really know.
Tomorrow will come, I will hold out my hands
I will not be afraid of all I know not
For Jesus gives me shelter when there is a storm
He will carry me, when I am weak and forlorn

So I kiss today, yesterday is gone
I have a chance to make right
What was once wrong.
All tomorrow's will still come, as they may
It is up to me to have a good day.


Linda Ann Henry 2005
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