~ To My Dearest Butterfly Friend ~

To my dearest butterfly
I love you with all my heart
I see how much you care for me
When I gaze into God's art

You are so very beautiful
As I watch you fly around
I can feel you in my heart
Even though you do not make a sound

God blessed me with a friend
Who can see inside of me
My soul is written in the stars eternally
Jesus gave me this happiness
When in your eyes I see

To my dearest butterfly
How can I ever show how glad I am
You know and share in all my life
All I have ever done
To my heart you have truly come

Tonight I looked out
And saw a glowing light
It is the way God tells me He cares
His love in us is shining bright

To my dearest butterfly
You will always have a place with me
You are the song I sing
The sweetest melody.


Linda Ann Henry 2006
with love to my spirit sister Heartwhispers
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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 midi played by Bob Mace

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