Too Late For Terri

It is time, and high time
We wake the sleeping law
Look around at what is happening
Our liberty's about to fall

We have pushed our Savior
Out the door, we leave no room for Him
Folks don't seem to care any more
They do what pleases them


There are still a few of us around
Who stand on heaven's Morals
We care if a life is taken
As the courts keep up the quarrels

We still have our children near
No one has ordered death
But Terri's life is gone
A grieving mom and dad are left


They pleaded oh' so hard and long
Would you, our Nation hear?
Some one wants to Kill our child
She's helpless, but very dear

We are her voice and we must speak
She's entitled to her life
There's no crime that she has done
To bring such awful strife


In the end, which has now come
Terri's gone for good
We pleaded her cause to every one
Seemed "NO ONE" understood

That is, "NO ONE" who had the power
To stop this wrongful death
But the friends across the country
gathered near to Terri's Bed


To let her, and her parents know
She was loved by many decent folk
People willing to carry her
If that is what it took

It's time we broke our silence
come to helpless ones we see
Who are being doomed to death
By mortals like you and me!


"For Terri"
Betty Hill

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