For Star Dove time went slowly by
till finally coming to "Land of The Sky"
With her brother's spirit ever guiding
she found other Cherokees in hiding

After losing their homes and land
they were living among the white man
They had hidden their Indian names
out of mortal fear and shame...

They had escaped the Trail of Tears
but lived with mistrust and great fears
Soon Star Dove did the same
hiding forever her Indian name

But into her heart there came
a heart's love burning like a flame
He held great passionate love
for little Cherokee Star Dove

Their love was profound and deep
but her secrets she would forever keep
Not even to her children ever revealed
these fearful secrets that she concealed

You ask, why did I write this story
Because there's others like me
Today Cherokees search the land
looking for their Ancestor's lost clans

Star Dove could have easily been
yours or my Cherokee kin ...
Somewhere in "Land of the Sky"
is where my family secrets lie

Perhaps there's other people like me
whose families are shrouded in mystery
Whose names are not on government rolls
but know they have Cherokee hearts and souls

Star Dove's story never ends,  it just begins...
for Ancestor's Spirits are calling, my friends
Calling you to join with all the others
The Circle of Cherokee sisters and brothers

Ancestor's secrets are lost and gone
but their Tsalagi spirit lives on...
Ever present in your heart and mine
Our spirits are Cherokee for all time...

Remember, no matter where you are
You are Tsalagi, children of the stars
As the Tsalagi spirit brings us together
In our hearts we are Cherokee forever...

Barbara LaBarbera
2004 used with permission


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