Forgive me LORD, for my weakness
Cleanse me of the unrighteousness within
Seems no matter how hard I try
Still again I fall, into the trap of sin.

The desire of the flesh, does so overwhelm
Wrong pleasures, I find hard to refuse
Makes me realize, I am so unworthy of Thee
Yet I know to love me, You will always choose.

Precious Savior, a failure, I know I am
Time after time, again I fall
The desire to please you, dwells inside of me
I wish to Thee, to give my all.

My soul is filled with turmoil and grief
As for some kind of happiness, I still seek
Only YOU dear LORD, know the truth of what I need
Help me precious Savior, my failure to overcome, I plead.

The pain and hurt from my past
Dear LORD, cast it all away
Pick me up, take my hand
Lead me back to the right way.

Elizabeth Ann Biggs 2005

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