~ Traveling ~

My spirit leaves my body each night
A golden thread keeps it tethered to me
It travels to distant, faraway places
These places I've never seen.

It soars high through the starry sky
Over grassy knolls and hillsides
Going faster than the speed of light
But to my body it is still tied.

In my dreams these visions will come forth
Allowing me to see
The ways and styles of a different life
Which are unfamiliar to me.

I wake up with bits and pieces
Of a dream that lingers in my mind
Unable to recall all of it
The remaining parts have been confined.

I know my spirit has traveled far
To exotic and distant places
Seeing all that God has created
Many unfamiliar and strange faces.

I wonder if in my awakened state
If I traveled to these lands
Would I be able to recall?
Bring these dreams upon demand?

Will things look familiar to me?
Will faces in my dreams come into view?
Will everything come together at last?
Will I finally be given a clue?

The Good Lord wants us to experience
Everything He did create
But we do it in our dreams at night
Not in an awakened state.

Chee Chee Martin 2006





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