~ Tripping And Falling ~

Tripping, and falling
Each day something new
When I feel I've made progress
Then, new trials to go through

Pick my beaten self up,
Shrug off all the pain
I pray to the Father
For Mercy, again

One can never know
What fate lies ahead
Take each day as it comes
When all's done, and said

Keep trudging on
With Faith close in tow
Line prayers, back, to back
In one precious row

Take God at His word
Don't doubt for one minute
If you falter on this
Knee's bending will win it

Be true to your calling
Even when feeling weak
Tell God all your troubles
And your soul, He will keep

Don't threaten to end it
That is not what you seek
Search hard, and long
Inside your heart, very deep

We are made of perfection
Though we sin through and through
Forgiveness lies in Salvation
Not in what we do

I am learning each day
When I stumble and fall
That to walk in His light
We must first, learn to crawl

Debbie Looney 06/03/2008



Midi "When All Is Said and Done"
By Geoff Moore & The Distance
Sequenced by Rich Kindle

Brought to you by www.spiritisup.com 2008