You say, you want true love
You say, you want happiness.
Have you ever searched your heart,
Have you ever given the Lord a chance
To shine his light on you?
He値l make you feel brand new.
He値l fill your heart with true love,
As pure as a dove.
We need to believe
So we can receive
The love and happiness,
The tender, loving caress.
All we are is a spiritual being.
For Him, our hearts already sing.
He is the King, the One and Only,
With Him you値l never be lonely.
He shall return one day
And come what may.
We値l love Him so.
From Him we値l never go.
You say you want a true love,
You say, you want happiness.
Now you致e searched your heart.
Now you gave the Lord a chance.
You gave the Lord a chance.


Diane M. Lamphere ゥ 8/24/89
used with permission


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