True Spirit of a Man ~

Maybe cold, so very hard at times
Shows little emotion when expected
As a pouch of tears behind those eyes
Have to be strong for others affected.

He feels the pain burying it inside
Holding it back until he is alone
The tears then flow just like a tide
They let their heart drop as a stone.

Too soon you have to put on the mask
Forced smiles where should be naught
To be cheerful as anyone may ever ask
Returning the pain from where you got.

A man's spirit is fragile, so few know
Hiding his feelings as he was taught
You may hurt his feelings and never know
To show weakness, he cannot be caught.

If you want to see what's in a man's spirit
When you see him trying to be on his own
Not too hard, just listen ,and you will hear it
Maybe a gentle soul feeling all alone.


Gary Salter 2005

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