~ You Will Truly Always Be, Loved By Me ~

My beloved one
All my love belongs to you
I will always believe your love
Was sent to me, as a gift from above.

The smile on my face
By you, there it was placed
Because of you, there is a sparkle in my eye
With you here, no tears need I cry.

By my side, may you always stay
Holding my hand all along life's way
In the remaining years we have left to live
I ask my darling to you, my love let me give.

No matter what the future may bring
When I think of you, my heart will sing
My love for you, shall always be true
With you by my side, my skies will always be blue.

My love, in sickness or in health
By your side, I will remain
No matter what the circumstances might be
You will truly always, be loved by me


Elizabeth Ann Biggs 2005

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Midi Wedding Song by Yuko Ohigashi
  2003 used with permission

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