~ Truly Mesmerized ~

Mesmerized by eyes of brown.
Seeing the love that lies inside.
You always smile, never frown.
Never having foolish pride.

Mesmerized by lips so sweet.
Soft as petals of a flower.
You make me so complete.
I give you all my inner power.

Mesmerized by your smile.
A smile that lights up every room.
Please come and be with me, a while.
Like white roses in bloom.

Mesmerized by skin so soft.
Like silk blowing in the breeze.
Come stay with me in my loft.
This moment, my dear, we must seize.

Mesmerized by hair so dark.
Forever olive tones of skin.
As we walk through the park.
You're the reason I wear a grin.

Mesmerized by your touch.
So soft, gentle and kind.
I love you so very much.
A truer love I'll never find.

Mesmerized by your heart so true.
Mesmerized within your love.
There's one more thing I wish to do.
Forever stay in love, as pure as a dove.

~You mean the world to me~
~Forever mesmerized I want to be~


Diane M. Lamphere 10/29/2006


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