~ Tunnel of Light ~

In my dreams, I see wonder, and hope
Some dreams that I have, allow me to cope
Drifting off, I make my way
To that tunnel of light, so far away

Traveling up, at the speed of sound
Clouds surround me, as I leave the ground
I see someone in the distance, a familiar hue
Radiating, and glorious, God, is that you?

Feeling a touch, someone's taking my hand
I still cannot see, who with, I stand
Gazing up, I see a figure, a face
Jesus is with me, I feel His grace

He has taken me places, words cannot explain
So beautiful, breathtaking, a world without blame
Do my senses deceive me, or is this place real?
My heart opens up, and it's love that I feel

Gorgeous rivers, and streams, glistening like glass
Flowering greenery, Gems of each class
Loved ones I've missed each, and everyday
Please don't wake me up, for it's here I must stay

Then morning comes, and my dream is no more
But I know in my heart, there's an open door
This tunnel of light, will not disappear
For in it, I know Lord, I'll find your near


Debbie Looney 2005


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