At the graves of fallen heroes
flowers at their head
stars and stripes forever
for all of those now dead

Full of pride and courage
as they marched off to war
protecting us on the home front
and foreign lands afar

They wore their colors proudly
so all the world could see
'n stood for peace and freedom
this land of liberty

Leaving behind their loved ones
each with a job to do
love of peace and country
kept them strong and true

Side by side with comrades
no tears nor bloodshed spared
guarding and protecting
on land, by sea, in air

Flowers placed, reflecting
we bow our head in Prayer
tears mixed with emotions
war is so unfair

Our young and old lay buried
they freely gave their lives
without a hesitation
paid the sacrifice

Let us not forget them
they died for you and me
names engraved on tombstones
to keep our country free...

When flowers are placed on this Memorial Day,
we'll remember and we'll weep.

Let us not forget those who have scars
both mentally and physically
caused by battle to never again be the same.

Let us Pray for those gone and those left behind.


Rose Marie Streeter 2006

To those who serve,
have served,
will serve,
thank you, all!



midi.. arranged by:
Don Carroll
Houston, Texas

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