~ Under The Stars ~

I can see the stars twinkle in the night air
I can feel your presence for me, everywhere
I can see an angel choir, with harps all in tune
Under the stars, I am like a flower opening to bloom

I can see your heart and sometimes see your soul
You were made by God's love, that is what I know
In the stars I see paradise, and I know we will go on
I have Jesus' promise, like the grain of sand which flows
In this life, I may turn back to dust
Yet forever, I have a heart with wings
I will be remembered for all the little things

Under the stars I am wishing
For a soul mate to see my soul
I have loved so many times
Still I saw it go.

I live under the moon and stars
I ask where they will lead
I am only human,
So sometimes I may grieve

Jesus has talked to me, as He is right now
He never forsakes me, yet I don't know how
He brought me to earth, He had a special need
Under the stars and beyond
I found His true love for me.

Linda Ann Henry 2005
Do you remember me
The people's poet

The stars are quite like love, love is beautiful and burns on, brightly forever,
love is as mysterious as the stars in the magnificent sky
until you understand that He died for you.

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