~ Under the Tree ~

Under the tree, in summer's breeze
Is where I sit with my teddy, whenever I please
We read, and we laugh, till sun goes down
Riding home on my bike, going round & round

Then time for dinner, I set him a place
His eyes fill with wonder, You should see his face!
Give him napkin, and juice, some pudding too
Also Cherries, and Nuts, are his favorite food

Off to the mirror, where we brush our hair
Get our nightshirt's on, Boy what a pair!
Time for bed, a great story to tell
Of days adventures, we've both known so well

Dreamland comes fast, sleepiness will begin
With a sigh, and a cuddle, we tuck ourselves in
Looking forward to dreaming, we drift off to sleep
Never stirring an inch, making not one peep!

A new day has come, the suns peeking through
Looking out the window, on grasses with dew
It's time for a day of adventure, and fun
Me & my teddy, are best friends, as one!

I want to thank you Jesus, for giving to me
A good friend to love, unselfishly
If not for my teddy, I would be so alone
I will keep him, and love him, even when I am grown

Debbie Looney 2005
Dream World of Inspiration
All rights reserved



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