For The Unfound
by Janeane Bolton

Don't cry for me if I've not been found
I am everywhere, I'm all around
I'm in the wind, I'm beneath the ground
Don't cry for me if I've not been found

I'm always with you, no matter where
I am in the water and in the air
Don't waste time thinking that it's unfair
For I am still with you, everywhere

Smile for me when I cross your mind
And forget about what they didn't find
Faith within, I'm sure you'll find
If you smile for me when I cross your mind

Live your life in a loving way
Whisper a prayer at the end of the day
Embrace love, should it come your way
For I'm now with you in a different way

It isn't where a body rests,
When all is done, the real true test
Is knowing that you did your best
Be light of heart and not depressed

So, Don't cry for me if I'm unfound
I'm everywhere, I'm all around
I am in the rain, I'm in the air
So, don't cry for me....I'm not unfound
I'm everywhere, I'm all around!!!

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