~ Unfound Doors ~

Life has so many choices we must make
Some that we make are very big mistakes
Depends on the corners that we make our turns
Sometimes so small we feel it's not earned.

I'll stride to be the knight at your side
To be the one that your secrets you will confide
None of us is near to who we really wish to be
Still I am proud of the one who's the real me.

I have gone down corridors, paths, and more
Taken wrong turns, even opening wrong doors
Stumbled as well crawled, throughout my life
Looking for the one, that made things so right.

It's when I'm not looking and just trying to take cover
A door opens, like there has been no other
Finding strength when we really need it is the most
Just a stable so as to rest all life's hopes.

There are doors we open, though we know it is wrong
All can say is they've sung that innocent song
It is the ones we take, when there is no time to think
Just an open door we did spy, in only a blink.

It is the unfound doors that lead us to heaven
When my trust goes to the one truth that is given
It is the doors we open, when we're not asked
In faith it has always came down on the latch.

When walking with the Lord, angels are at your side
Unfound doors seem to be open, just to save your hide
If it had not been open, what would I be feeling now
Taking away your love, I could not exist anyhow.

Gary Salter 2005

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