~ Visions ~

I close my eyes 'n wonder
what dreams will come tonight
full of fun and magic
with visions ever bright

Teddy bears 'n rainbows
dance behind the blinds
little girl dreams 'n fantasy
hopscotch thru my mind

Imagination tiptoes
to castles 'top the hill
I see me as a princess
dressed in pretty frills

Miles of flowing pasture
filled with flower beds
pansies wearing satin
shyly raise their heads

Unicorns and faeries
playing hide 'n seek
Angels singing lullabies
with voices ever sweet

Sun peeks in my window
awakes me with a yawn
teddy bears 'n rainbows
bright visions of the morn


Rose Marie Streeter 2006

Close your eyes, imagine
magic 'hind your lids
ride the clouds of fantasy
til mornin' sun peeks in
~ Rose Marie Streeter ~





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