~ A Voice Does Return ~

Been on a vacation, just to learn some new words
More ways to combine them, so they are heard
In stories new, for the growing of love and life
And for songs of honor, coming from ease or strife.

Much has happened, since the last time I spoke
New life being born, giving us sweet future hope
But pain has risen it's ugly head again
Bringing worry, like unseasonal summer rain.

Yet, above it all, new friends I have met
But the old ones, I would never forget
The Lord has given me reason to rejoice
As once again, He's giving my words a voice.

So my friends, soon you will see new stories unfold
Ones of spirit and love still yet untold
Adventures I have learned, from past days
But just for now, these secrets I will not give away.

Gary Salter 2006


midi...Biscaya composed by W.Bookwood & H. O'Malley
sequenced by GN 1996

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