~  Waiting For Nothing To Happen ~

As I sit here going nowhere, a thought so soon appeared
Was I just waiting now for nothing, in just sitting here
In front of my computer. fooling with a song
Maybe I'll get lucky and some good friends will come along.

Even sitting at the local for a couple of pints and pool
When we can't find something better we might want to do
Except listen to the normal topics, new rumors that will spread
Songs play on the jukebox, to put a little dancing in the step.

Watching what's on television, just too early yet to sleep
So very happy being home, with loved ones you can keep
Those who are around you, whose love will never change
It does not matter what you do, it will always be the same.

But somehow it's these times, that make me very happy
The sitting going nowhere, with nothing yet to happen
With no worries in my head, it's a time I can let loose
I find then that my mind, can be put to better use.

So I sit here at my 'puter, waiting for my friends
Going nowhere still, but the time has been well spent
Watched a couple of movies, t'was family night to be in
Putting words to my thoughts, then my writing can begin.

Gary Salter 2006



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