~ By The Water's Edge ~

Hand in hand, contented
we walked along the path
silent thoughts of 'morrows
our love was strong, intact

Our eyes took in the beauty
we felt an inner peace
relishing each moment
air was fresh and clean

Capturing the magic
embraced by balmy breeze
chipmunks playing carefree
'neath the tall oak tree

Ripples in the water
where the trout had been
along banks edge were turtles
peeking out their heads

Birds were chirping love songs
nestled on tree limb
geese off in the distance
enjoying morning swim

Leaves were brushed with color
hints of green and brown
swaying ever gently
danced to nature's song

Our eyes took in the beauty
hearts smiled with tender bliss
atop the bridge, held closely
we shared a gentle kiss

Peace felt all around us
such glory in our sight
hand in hand, we listened
to the sounds of life

Caught up in the moment
all worries left behind
enchanting were surroundings
everything divine

By the water's edge below us
our footprints in the sand
beginning of forever
walking hand in hand

Rose Marie Streeter 2005

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