~ Weary and Worn ~

Are you weary and worn
From the task now at hand?
Do you wake in the morning
Uncertain you値l stand?

Look upward to heaven
Relinquish your will.
Speak to your heart,
Let peace be still.

Put trust in the Lord
He値l give strength for the day;
A hope for tomorrow,
He値l show you the way.

When mountains appear
Impossible to climb,
Remember He痴 with you,
You値l succeed in time.

Confessing Gods Word,
Renews faith in your heart,
Truth shall prevail,
Fresh fire He値l impart.

For you see, it痴 your faith
That is facing the test,
He痴 done His part,
Now, YOU do the rest.


~ Marie Williams ~
ゥ 2003 used with permission



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