~ We Give You Thanks ~

For mountains where You are near;
And valleys where we seek You, Lord;

We give You thanks!

For, You, whom our cries ALWAYS hear.
And the unwavering Truth of Your Word;

We give You thanks!

For blessings, both big and small;
For trials that You walk us through;
For being with us through it ALL!
Lord, we give thanks unto You!

For family and dearest friends;
For the food you give to us each day;
For being with us to the end;
For this very privilege to pray!

But the thing that we're most thankful for,
Is that You're our God once more today;
And will be God forever more,
This in Jesus' Name we pray:
We thank You, Lord!


Lynn King
Nov. 6, 2006

~I am whom I am but by the AMAZING GRACE of my Father GOd! I am but His conduit!~

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