~ What Do I See? ~

Why am I so special? Is what you ask of me.
What value am I to you? What do you see?
I don't understand how you can look at me that way.
How could you want what I see in the mirror everyday?

How many times have I heard these questions from you?
How many times have I answered and been heartfelt and true?
Everything one sees isn't always right before one's eyes.
What shines out, from within, is where the true beauty lies.

All my defenses are useless whenever you are near,
But to not have you in my life is my greatest fear.
You've touched me in ways I've never been touched before,
From tears to heartaches, to making my spirit soar.

When you look in the mirror, remember, here is what I see.
I see simple. I see plain and real. I see honesty.
I find someone who knows that simplicity means pleasure.
I see the love of my life, a truly priceless treasure.

Thomas C. Menear June 2005




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