~ What I Have Seen ~

It is not just the way they fit in your arms
Neither the way she easily succumbs to your charms
It is the look so charming, you see in a woman's eyes
There is a truth, not seen, but it is her disguise.

The nature of a woman is to keep all things safe
It is up to the man, to make sure this takes place
A mother's love is from heaven, of this we know
The father also has much, to help a family grow.

A father that sits around only wanting to find fault
Needs to know truth to guide all in their walk
To teach our young is not easy in any way
They need truth and honesty in everything we say .

A mother's love shows tenderness in all her gentle care
To take the edge off, when life seems to go past there
To just ignore the love, that she will gladly teach
Would forget the peace, we so need to keep.

Dad will teach by example, watch and patiently wait
Don't just escort a woman home, too easy a road to take
But show you won't give up when things really get tough
For in life you will find, that roads can get rough.

A parent's love is what makes you who you are
Even when given in ways that seem to hurt too hard
They are trying to show you, the only way to the top
Is believe what is in you, from all you've been taught.

Gary Salter 2006



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