~ Friendship? ~

What does Friendship mean?
I ponder this every day!
For I have a heart full of friends
And God sent them all my way.

I look at how different they are?
None of them ever alike,
But all of them 'dear as can be'
Bring so much to my life.

And now as I'm thinking of "one"
Who stands a bit taller than most
They have a heart full of love
Of this one, I can't help but boast!

For when my spirit is low
It seems they can tell right away
Tho' we live miles apart,
I know they'll write me today.

They all care for me, and it shows,
For that special joy that I feel
Comes, when their heart overflows
This is "friendship", and it's so real !

So what does "Friendship mean?
I ask, and now I know
It's one of the ways God loves us,
It's one 'special' way, 'He' chooses to show!

Betty Hill 2005


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