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~ Whisper To Me ~
Whisper to me Jesus
In a voice so soft and sweet,
I would be so sad if You had to shout
For Your will to be complete.
Whisper to me Jesus
With a soft and gentle sound,
Teach me to listen quietly for Your voice
To know where it is found.
Whisper to me Jesus
In whatever way You will,
It may be through the tender touch
Of a friend who's heart can feel.
Whisper to me Jesus
In the very sweetest notes,
That You play within the garden
And echo on the mountain tops.
Whisper to me Jesus
I hold my hands up to receive,
To perceive more of Your precious love
I need all You have to give.
Whisper to me Jesus
My voice is hushed to know,
The hidden secrets of Your heart
All You long for me to own.
Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2005
Flutter by,
Floating flower
in the sky.
Kiss me with your
Petal wings---
Whisper secrets,
Tell of spring.

Lord, teach me to listen. The times are noisy
and my ears are weary with the thousand
raucous sounds which continuously fill them.
Give me the spirit of the boy Samuel when he
said to You, "Speak, for Thy servant heareth."
Let me hear You speaking in my heart. Let me
get used to the sound of Your voice, that its
tones may be familiar when the sounds of earth
die away and the only sound will be the music
of Your words. Amen.
~ A.W. Tozer ~



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