~ Whistling In The Dark ~
I fancy in another life,
I stood upon a hill
I gazed at valleys far below
Adorned in daffodil.

And I found within that life
No matter where I roamed
Robins sang their chords of hope
To always lead me home…

I fancy in another life,
As leaves began to fall
That autumn fell around my heart
And wrapped me in her shawl.

And as the leaves gave way to time
And winter chilled the air
I fancy snow fell silently
And gathered in my hair.

And as the sun moved ‘cross the sky
To usher in the night,
I watched God’s stars light one by one
‘Til thousands filled my sight.

And as the dark gave way to death
I whistled in the night--
Til angels gathered ‘round my soul
And led me into Light.

Midi "Dreams" by The Corrs from

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