Will I Live To See Tomorrow?
I Am The Voice Of Peace

Will I live to see tomorrow...
For I saw your face today
I will never let you take me
Or lose my soul in any way

I read about you in the papers
I look at the fear within your eyes
I have been on the plane of terror
In the bombs and every cry

I look now at our country
In a world I will not lie
For I AM all our people
And I will never die

Will I live to see tomorrow...
I have seen brave soldiers lose their lives
But I pray every man and woman will rise
With children, kneel and pray
God, I will never let them take my freedom
Or give my soul away.

I hear the words of a great hockey player
As he helped his fellowman
Take back a plane
Even though he would never
See his loved ones again

I see myself in flames...
Will I live to see tomorrow
If I die, it will only be in freedom's name
I may see all of terror's wrong
But my heart will live forever
I AM the voice of peace...
And I will carry on.


Linda Ann Henry 2006
Do you remember me
The people's poet

Written for the innocents-
those who will never have their souls taken away

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