~ Wings ~

If I had wings
I'd fly where you are
Distance wouldn't matter
You'd be near to me, not far.

If I had wings
I'd soar the heavens above
I'd dip in and out of all the clouds
Shouting to you of my love.

If I had wings
I'd watch over you
Protect you from harm
Never let you be blue.

If I had wings
You would never lack
We'd fly to the stars
And never look back.

If I had wings
We could fly to distant lands
Even fly around the world
Now wouldn't that be grand.

But I don't have any wings
And I can't soar above
But I can tell you exactly how I feel
I can tell you of my love.

Chee Chee Martin 5/13/05



Midi is used with permission
2002 Bruce DeBoer


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