~ Wintertime ~

The wind is blowing,
snow's on the ground.
Finally it stopped,
can look around.

No sidewalk to see,
snow so deep.
Frolic and slide,
down hills so steep.

Out in the forests,
silent and white.
Put on snowshoes,
skis, feel cold's bite.

The ice in the pond,
solid and tempting.
Lace up ice skates,
a curlicue attempting.

The pleasures of snow,
frozen ice underneath.
Watch where you walk.
so you don't go underneath.

Joy of wintertime,
sports and outdoor fun.
Recalls a childhood,
of playfulness homespun.

Snowmen, snowballs,
angels in the snow.
All activity outdoors,
watch the wind blow.


Joan C. Nelson-Payne 2/9/07


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