~ In Wistful Dreams ~

In wistful dreams you come to me silently in the depth of my sleep
To softly kiss my lips and cause my heart to sing when I weep
Your hand touches my face softly with gentle loving care
I look up into eyes of soft blue and caress your dark hair

Softly I hear your lips whispering love words I need to hear
Sweet as the song of paradise birds calling in the evening air
Only love true can dream these dreams,
memories in the heart that drift lightly
Like a feather upon crystal streams invade my wistful slumber nightly

Love unconditional with emotion far beyond any compare
I breathe heavily as I suddenly awaken into the early morning air
Still feeling your touch I awaken and look around in disbelief
You are not here with me and my heart seems to skip beats

My dreams seem to become more realistic in passing months and years
Love seems to strengthen with desire, and I shed a longing tear
Not tears of sorrow or shame, or what happened or whom is to blame,
Only memories of love with dreams is left to hold in my heart
..and there you will forever remain.


Rick Brent and
Bonnie Ray  2005


Brought to you by www.spiritisup.com 2005