~ With Crimson Red ~
What was the eternal word
Our Lord wrote on that day
As His torturous death unleashed
What did His blood convey
What truth did He inscribe
In love that flowed so free
When He chose to write His blood
Across the sinful heart of me
With His own loving hand
He unfurled the promise of His soul
And wrote life by His spirit
With blood to make me whole
The issue of His beloved heart
He shed to set me free
With that cry "Father forgive them"
He wrote His perfect love for Me
In crimson He inscribed my name
In heaven's book of life
By His own precious blood
My heart is purified
Oh Lord, of Calvary love
When Your pure blood was shed
You wrote eternity on my soul
For me, You wrote it down in red
Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006

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