~ Within The Dream ~

Silhouettes of a tarnished soul
come waltzing thru minds door
what if's and could have been's
haunting me once more

I wish that I had listened
to those who gave advice
chose instead to love you
my weakness was your vice

Abuse, your way of loving
held within your grip
hoping I could change you
into your hell I slipped

Bloody lip and blackened eye
your hand had mighty blow
excuses made in darkness
refused to let pain show

My tarnished soul is craving
true love and tenderness
salty tears and open wounds
bring more hopelessness

Within the depths of heartache
where shadows chant their tunes
t'ween love and hate, a fine line
not always understood

False hope had kept me clinging
to what just couldn't be
seeing things more clearly
t'was never you and me

No more pain and sorrow
its time we just move on
nothing you say, now matters
I've heard that same ole song

Within the dream of happiness
this heart now crushed and torn
my tarnished soul, reviving
for you, my spirit mourns

Mourns because I love you
your heart is cold as stone
saddened as I realize
one day you'll die alone

Rose Marie Streeter 2005




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