~ Without Boundaries ~

Tiptoeing to the closet
what shall I wear today?
pants, skirt or favorite suit
tease hubby as I play

What shall I make for breakfast
eggs and toast on wheat?
perhaps I'll have a bagel
some tea and berry treats

What shall I do for pleasure
go shopping, read a book?
sit home relax, spend quiet time
go strolling by the brook

His gentle kiss on my forehead
with kind and loving words
cuddling with my children
grateful for their birth

All at once I realize
shuttered with my thoughts
feelings overtake me
for the poor, distraught

Sitting for a moment
reflecting on this day
mind drifting off to strangers
who live in disarray

No choice have they for breakfast
or clothing on their backs
have no say about freedom
their world in shades of black

What's it like to go barefoot?
and sleep in pouring rain?
borrow, steal for survival
frustrated, filled with pain

What if no one loved me?
and I was all alone
battered and mistreated
a dumpster for my home?

Children's cries and torment
caste to the wind
lonely souls, forsaken
without a single friend

Stepping in another's shoes
to feel, to know, to weep
imagining their sorrow
of pain cut ever deep

Walking to the window
flowers catch my eye
butterflies like magic
graciously, swoon by

The sky is blue with sunshine
breeze has gentle sigh
thankful for the moment
my heart can't help but cry

Walk in another's shoes
to fully understand
life isn't always glory
for our fellow man

Rose Marie Streeter 2005

Never take anything for granted
as in a flash it can all be gone...



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2002 Bruce DeBoer

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