~ Words Of Love ~

Speak to me sweet words of love
From a rainbow high above
Sing to me a love song
Sweet and beautiful to hear
Whisper words of love, only to my ears-
Whenever you are near

Can I hold you in my heart,
My love, forever dear
You are a breath of life to me
Let me hear the words of love you say
In the depth of winter,
Or on a summer's day

Or when the leaves are changing color
And every thing is gay
Because of you I live on, any given day
I hear words of love upon your lips
How much I want to kiss-
The wonder ever stays

Starlight shines now in the night
Until the dawn of light
You are the very life of me
Please tell me you can surely see
Our love, so meaningful and true
For me you are forever-
The only one I ever knew

Linda Ann Henry 2010
Do you remember me
The people's poet


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