~ Wounds Of The Mind ~
My mind has a lot of deep dark wounds
And some have begun to heal
Scar tissue is starting to develop
Helping me so I can feel.

Sometimes they get re-opened
They'll ooze and they'll bleed
I'm searching for some solace
It's comfort that I need.

These wounds have caused a lot of pain
They were created a long time ago
Deep gashes in sections of my mind
They signify all the blows.

So many blows I've had to endure
Some crippled me and made me cry
These wounds have forever left their mark
And I'm afraid my tears will never dry.

Each teardrop represents a scar
So many rolled down my cheeks
And when the scar tissue starts to form
My days become sunny, not bleak.

But this is God's way to heal my mind
To heal my body, my soul, my heart
Healing these wounds with lots of love
Leaving scar tissue is just the start.

The years will progress and the scars will fade
Which means the healing is now done
Leaving marks only the Lord can see
But His work on me has just begun.

Chee Chee Martin 2006
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