Yes, It's Me

~ Yes, It's Me ~

Oh my gosh, what's this I see
An album filled with old photographs
I can't believe I ever looked that way
I broke down and started to laugh.

Will you take a look at that crazy hair-do
I was definitely out of my mind
What made me think it was really cool
All I can say is, I must've been blind!

The clothes I'm wearing look so familiar
I know I've seen those duds before
These styles seem to have made a comeback
I've seen them on the kid next door!

Looking at these pictures still makes me giggle
There are so many and they're such a gas
The times back then were captured on film
I'm looking at a piece of my past.

The time will come when I'm no longer here
But these pictures of me will remain
And as you look and point and laugh
Remember, I wasn't insane!!

I lived and breathed in a different time
A time much different than yours
Your clothes and hair-do's will make you laugh
I've been there and done that before.

 Chee Chee Martin 2005

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