~ You Are Always There For Me ~

When I need someone to laugh with,
You are always there,
When I need someone to lean on
You are always there,
When I'm silly and stupid,
You are always there,
In times of sorrow and times of joy
You are always there,

It feels so good to know
You are the kind of friend
Who loves me for who I am
And not what I am,
Who loves me because
I'm not perfect,
And you are not looking for perfection,
You are not judgmental
You are patient, kind, thoughtful,
You posses all the qualities
One could possibly want in a

Good Friend

Reflections of love are seen on your face,
I consider your voice
And listen to your gentle soul,
We are friends not by chance but by choice,
No need to speak; thoughts interfaced...
I do thee extol.

Thank you for being my good friend.


Janice Bumbalough Marler 2004


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