~You Are There, Here With Me~

You are there
Here with me
Hearts so close
Forever to be

Thoughts are here
There with you
In my mind's eye
A clear view

Apart by distance
Together in love
Sent to each other
By wings from above

Though you are there
So far away
You are here with me
Always to stay

I hear your voice
Here from afar
With love from there
Where you are

From the wind
Whispering clear
Bringing you from there
With me here, near

Stars in the sky
Up above me
Are where you are
For you to see

So my dear Love
Just look around
For me with you
Will be found

Though away from me
Far apart
Together are we
Close in heart

To look around
If we will do
You will see me
I will see you

As you are there
Here with me
With love as ours
This will always be

For though I am here
I'm there with you
As you are there
Yet here with me, too

Ethel GG Kent 2005

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 Midi "Dreams" is used with permission
Margi Harrell


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