~ You Can See The Stars ~

You can see the stars over head
When the night grows dark
There are bright stars to make a wish
A sweet star to give you a goodnight kiss

You can touch the stars when they glow
Each star shines like a soul you know
Take a look, how vast it is
Yet God put them there
His light to share

We can fly upon a falling star
Away into the sparkling night
Look out to the ocean light
How wide it seems
The stars are everlasting
Like something I have always seen

You can see the stars,
From deep in the valley below
God made a miracle, this I know
Hold your arms out and take them all in
Smell the breeze and the stars as they sing
You can fly through time, I promise you
When you see the stars,
Heaven will break through
Tonight, this is your chance,
Take the stars away with you.

Linda Ann Henry 2005
Do you remember me
The people's poet




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