~ You're The One I Run To ~

When all the world around me,
Is going in circles everyday,
I feel You calling to me, Lord,
And I just have to kneel and pray.

It is You that I must run to,
And I just say all thatís in my heart.
How do people make it through the day,
Without You, to share each part?

As I walk the valley floor sometimes,
I look up into the sky.
I see the beauty of the heavens,
And wonder, where am I?

I feel You reach and touch me,
And, once again Your voice I hear.
And then Iím standing on the mountain again,
Proclaiming ďMy God, I hear You soft and clear.Ē

So I shout it to the angels,
And I can feel You brush my cheek.
You have blessed me with Your presence, God,
Now, I feel strong instead of weak.

You lift me out of the days of winter,
And set me in the Springtime sun.
Praise God, I think Iím flying!
Thank God for Jesus, Heís the One.

Youíre the One I always run to,
When I need comfort for the day.
I pray Iíll always seek your face, Lord,
Because I know You are the Way.

Written by Karen Bunker
© January 8, 2009




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