~ You've Touched Me ~

You've touched me deeper than any woman I've ever known,
What have I done to deserve you and the love that you've shown?
You walked right through the wall I had around my heart,
The barrier I had built so caring feelings couldn't start.

I've hurt and cried, felt loneliness and despair,
My heart was cold and empty, until you found your way there.
I never thought I'd again let anyone move me in any way,
Now thoughts of you consume me, every night and every day.


You've made me feel rich inside where once I was poor,
I need you in my life, like I've never needed anyone before.
You've enabled me to feel a passion, a want to be alive,
In my mind, heart, and soul, those feelings do now thrive.

I thank God that you've come into my life everyday,
Without you there'd be emptiness, a world in shades of grey.
I don't know all your feelings and how strong they may be,
But I hope I've touched you as deeply as you've touched me.


Thomas C. Menear 2005

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